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Sweet Savour Cakery
Delicious Treats at Sweet Prices

Cakes & Cupcakes

At Sweet Savour Cakery, we believe that our cakes are works of art. Every cake is unique and full of flavor. Our cakes not only look amazing but taste just as good as they look. All of our cakes are made from scratch with recipes that are made with love and passion. Each cake is a showpiece and no two cakes are the same, so there are no set prices. We will work with you to create a special cake for your event!


Keep an eye out for future products. Such as: Cake pops, Cakesicles, and Cake Cookies!


Wedding Cake And Champagne Flutes On Tab

Custom Cakes

There won't be a crumb left

Each cake is custom made and therefore priced differently. The price is determined by the size of the cake (how many people it will serve), the flavor(s), and the design/details.


There's no limit to cupcake options

Custom Cupcakes

Our cupcakes are custom made.

The price is determined by the amount of cupcakes, flavor(s) (including fillings), and design/details.

Stunning Wedding Cake

$50 Dietary-Restricted Flavors

$30 Regular Flavors

Cake Tastings


  • 5 Cake Flavors

  • 3 Filling Flavors

  • 2 Icing Flavors

Tasting boxes can be:

Picked up or delivered (fees apply)
In-person consultations are upon hire only


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